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Higher speed, accuracy and safety in indoor operations through Robotics & Artificial Intelligence.


Online Grocery:
4x Faster

Online grocery is not profitable. [1]

With increasing demand for faster delivery and pick-up, 98% of grocers manually picked products from store shelves to fulfill online orders in 2020. While store fulfillment offers significant savings in shipping costs, manual picking can make up 50-60% of all labor costs in most fulfillment models. As Click-and-Collect models are gaining significant traction, local stores will play a key role in omnichannel networks.


How We Help

Robots don't get tired or confused. 

At Gradient, we believe in people as much as technology. By combining our Robotics and Logistics experience, we created a suite of fulfillment and material handling methods that achieve industrial precision. Our technology propels these industries forward: 

  • Grocery and e-grocery chains

  • Retailers and mass merchandisers

  • Apparel and related brands

  • Consumer packaged goods (CPG)

  • Third-party logistics providers (3PLs)

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Who we are

Sümer Kaya

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CEO, Founder

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In the Press

Gradient Robotics Introduces a New, Automated Future for Online Grocery

"When their capacity is full, a worker can simply press a button to send it to a packing station and then find another available robot, which cuts the unnecessary back and forth between aisles."


The Case for Robots

Why we need mobile robots 

What if you wanted to collect/pick multiple items that are located at various points scattered around in your facility? 


We started our journey to find a better solution to serve the new paradigm. We are building an invisible infrastructure with AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robot) that can:

  • Travel between any Point X and Point Y. 

  • Provide a more robust solution that will automate current manual methods.

We always seek valuable feedback from the industry in order to learn and evolve. Contact us today to set up a consultation meeting with one of our representatives or request a demo.


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